6 creative cob loaf recipes to bring back those '70s vibes

cob loaf recipes

Never out of fashion, and always moreish, these cob loaves filled with dip will be winners at any gathering.

It was the water-cooler equivalent of every party, the lovable good guy who we all flocked to and most importantly, the defining dish of a decade. Yes, the humble cob loaf filled with cheesy goodness was the must-have centrepiece at any 'do during the late '70s and '80s, and one that evokes pleasant nostalgia to this day.

Some may argue that it never went out of fashion, others miss it daily. But should the food trend maesters (i.e. general internet consensus) speak true, the cob loaf is once again taking pride of place at Australian barbecues across the country, and it has a dedicated meme page to prove it.

"Oh no," you say. "My go-to recipe has been lost to time! How ever will I rule the party scene again?"

Never fear, dear cooks, for these six cob loaf recipes will make you the most popular guest in town. But be warned, make just one of these to share and your phone will be ringing off the hook (or your Facebook notifications buzzing) with invites to all the most happening celebrations...

1. Spinach dip cob loaf

This hollowed-out cob is filled with a creamy, three-cheese, bacon and spinach dip and is possibly the most popular of them all.

2. Creamed corn and bacon cob loaf

If your motto in life is "needs more bacon", then this is the cob for you. Crispy streaky bacon is the star of this recipe and alongside sweet creamed corn, they make an unstoppable duo.

3. Tomato and onion cob loaf

This tasty recipe sneaks some tomatoes into the bacon-and-onion mix for a flavour-packed loaf that at least feels healthy.

4. Individual nacho cob loaves

Whoever said "sharing is caring" clearly never had to fight off hordes of people to get near the party cob! Full of beef mince, cheese and intense Mexican flavours, you'll be glad you get to keep this one all to yourself.

5. Beetroot cob loaf

Perhaps not as creative as the others, but delicious all the same, this homemade beetroot dip finds a welcome home inside a white cob loaf. Too bad it won't get to stay long!

6. Baked brie pull-apart cob

Purists, look away! We've taken the cob out of this cob loaf recipe and replaced it with a sliced baguette - its perfect for those who want to impress.

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