10 old-school Aussie snacks that need to make a comeback

discontinued snacks australia

Gone but never forgotten.

There's never been a saying so painfully true as "you don't know what you have until it's gone".

It may have even been months since your heart yearned for it, but you always knew you'd eventually go crawling back.

Imagine the heartbreak when you find them gone. Off the shelves forever without so much as a warning.

But of all those lost to time, its these old-school childhood snacks are the ones we're most sorry for letting slip away...

1. Sunnyboys

So we sucked out all the flavouring in 0.3 seconds and were left with a big, tasteless chunk of ice, but we'll be damned if Sunnyboys weren't the best 50 cents we ever spent on a scorcher of a school day.

2. Polly Waffles

If there was one chocolate bar that had it all, surely it was the Polly Waffle. After all, who can forget the magical combination of soft, chewy marshmallow and a crispy wafer all wrapped up in chocolate?

It resonated so strongly with us Aussies that six years after being pulled from shelves, one chocolatier re-invented the Polly Waffle as The Great Aussie Waffle Log. Colour us impressed, foodies.

3. Arnott's Coffee Scroll Biscuits

Just like a coffee scroll, only crunchy! These forgotten cinnamon snacks, complete with raisin and a dollop of pink icing are still held dear in our hearts.

Find a re-imagined, homemade version here.

4. In-Cred-I-Bites

Short-lived but high-impact, these not-quite-Nutella wheat bites were always a tad on the disappointing side, but we loved them anyway.

5. Vice Versas

People's love for these treats came and went, and vice versa.

They were pulled from shelves twice over their 20-year run before being officially relaunched in the UK in 2012.

6. Milo Bars

And we're talking the original, compressed Milo and chocolate recipe, not their new counterpart.

7. Tasty Toobs

You could find Toobs in a variety of flavours in their heyday, but there was only one that truly made the cut; tomato sauce.

They haven't been seen on shelves since 2015.

8. Space Food Sticks

The flash of red as your Nan pulled a Kit Kat-sized treat from her purse was exciting. To discover it was only Space Food Sticks was slightly disappointing, but hey, they were good for you right?

9. Muncheros

The late, great and culturally insensitive Muncheros corn chips didn't make as much of a mark on snack aisle shoppers in the '90s, but some chip connoisseurs will remember them fondly.

10. Allen's Spearmint Leaves

While spearmint leaves are technically still floating around specialty lolly stores, the Allen's variety were pulled from shelves in 2014.

There is a happy ending to this one, though.

After the backlash, Allen's reintroduced the minty favourites for a limited time over the festive season.

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