This handy tip can reduce your risk of binge-eating after work

Had a long, mentally draining day at the office? Often our first response is to collapse on the couch with a bag of chips or tub of ice-cream. But there's a way to avoid the post-binge guilt.

A recent study led by researchers at the University of Alabama found that exercising after work could be the key to stopping that post-work pig-out.

In fact, the study showed that people who got their bodies moving after a day of undertaking mentally-draining tasks ate fewer calories compared to those who remained sedentary after a long day.

The research group followed undergraduate students who were offered all-you-can-eat pizza following an intensive exam. Half the students were instructed to complete a quick 30-minute work out, while the others simply rested and waited.

Interestingly, those who exercised consumed less calories than the people who sat on the couch. The study suggested this could be down to the glucose and lactate released through exercise, rather than through eating, providing fuel to the brain.

And while this study is super encouraging, the authors have suggested that further investigation into how glucose and lactate impacts our eating behaviour is needed.

There's also a large amount of self-discipline required. So for those days where all you want to do is head home for dinner, try to opt for healthy choices like one of our quick and nutritious mince recipes, or a 30-minute-or-less sensation.

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