Food trends: What's coming up in 2017

What will be shaping menus, retail shelves and home cooking across the country in 2017? McCormick shares their predictions with their annual flavour forecast.

We've already had a sneak-peek at Pinterest's predictions for the top ten food trends of the year and now, spice kings McCormick are bringing us their annual Flavour Forecast.

Last year, their team of chefs and culinary experts predicted the rise of turmeric and matcha tea in the foodie scene as well as the return of classic herbs to the table.

In 2017, they believe we'll see cutting-edge Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours dominate in recipes while some surprising foods will be making the switch from brekky to lunch and dinner menus.

Their full list of what we'll be eating this year and recipes to get ahead of the trends are below.

Rise and shine to global tastes

Are boring cereals a serial offender when it comes to your everyday breakfasts? Well, say sayonara to them this year! Instead, exciting ancient grains, twists on rice dishes and Middle Eastern spices are on the menu.

Congee: This Asian dish is set to become the new porridge. Traditionally served savoury, you'll now see it's creamy rice teamed with fruit juices and warm spices. Top with a mango, coconut and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Sorghum grain bowl: If you're a stickler for the classics, why not try this grown-up take on cereal and milk? Sorghum is an ancient grain, mildly nutty in flavour with a hearty texture and is perfect paired with plant-based milks and cinnamon or ginger.

Breakfast hash with skhug sauce: Cooler mornings are already breezing through so for a cozy start to the day, a good ol' brekkie hash is the way to go. For the latest take on this comforting breakfast, load it with Middle Eastern ingredients like ground meat, chickpeas and spoonfuls of skhug hot sauce.

Try our classic [herbed brekkie hash.](|target="_blank")
Try our classic herbed brekkie hash.

Flat-out grilling: plancha

Plancha is the future of perfecting your proteins. The cast-iron slab is popular in Spain and Mexico for the sensational smokey sear it can give to your meats. Already sold? Read on for the best condiments to season your steaks.

Basque-inspired rub espelette pepper: This smokey, sweet pepper hails from France and is an ideal way to enhance your grilled meats and seafood.

Bold sauces: Marry your meats with a vibrant mojo verde sauce or try the hybrid Mexican favourite, adobo negro, which borrows from spicy adobo and the complex mole negro sauces.

Sherry wine and vinegar: As a glaze or drizzle, these Spanish ingredients add a sensational zing to seared foods.

The sunny side of flavour: egg yolks

Egg yolks will be bidding adieu to breakfast in 2017 and will instead be adding a surprising richness to a wide range of lunch and dinner menus.

Shakshuka: Beautifully seasoned with Middle Eastern-inspired flavours, shakshuka are created by simmering egg yolks in a rich tomato sauce - the perfect rustic meal.

Broth bowls with egg: Add fried or poached eggs to your best broth bowl recipes for an exciting flaovur and protein hit.

Cured yolk: Shaved egg yolks on pasta? Yep, it's a thing. To made it at home, cure the egg in salt and spices for several days and voila!

Modern med

Bring classic Eastern Mediterranean ingredients into the 21st Century by melding them with Western European flavours. Here's what to look out for this year.

Barberries: Prized in Persian cooking, this small tart fruit can liven up both sweet and savoury dishes.

Pasta: It's all going to start here and we're not complaining! Pasta is set to become the foundation for new culinary traditions creating such mouthwatering dishes like Persian minestrone or Turkish dumplings in an Italian bolognese.

Baharat seasoning: This fragrant blend typically combines black pepper, cumin, cardamom, cloves, coriander seed nutmeg and paprika for a staple in Eastern Mediterranean cooking.

Our recipe for [baharat-spiced lamb](|target="_blank") is just the ticket.
Our recipe for baharat-spiced lamb is just the ticket.

Sweet on pepper

A peppery dessert sounds like an unfortunate mishap at the spice rack but, by teaming it with sweet ingredients like syrups and exotic fruits, it's bold edge is tempered beautifully so don't be afraid to give it a go if you see it on menus this year.

Pepper and syrup: Combine it with date, sorghum and yacon syrups or coconut nectar.

Pepper and fruit: Exotic, tropical fruits are the way to go here. Dragon fruit, mangosteen, green mango and jackfruit help deliver the perfect sweet heat combination.

Try this mild [pink pepper and pistachio chocolate bark](|target="_blank") to dip your toe in the trend.
Try this mild pink pepper and pistachio chocolate bark to dip your toe in the trend.

While you wait to see these up-and-comers on restaurant menus, get your nostalgia hit by checking out the food trends of yesteryear in the links below.

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