The easy way to ice a cake

Wondering how to make the icing on your cake the talk of the town?

We're in the Test Kitchen again, and tapping the experts on the best way to to go about decorating.

There are a couple of techniques you can use, but start by spooning the icing over the top of the cake.

Using a pallet knife, run the icing and smooth it to the edges of the cake; gently push the icing around the cake to get a really nice, even coating.

Then it's time to get creative!

To get that really smooth, flat finish on the top of an iced cake, dip your pallet knife in some hot water, shake off the excess water and smooth the pallet knife across the top of the cake.

To get a nice, lined effect on the top of the cake, run the pallet knife in a zig zag fashion across the icing.

Or to make the top of your cake all curly, simply run a fork in different directions until you get your desired look.

And to practice? We love these gold sparkle cupcakes or this rich Nutella chocolate cake.

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