There’s an easier way to peel potatoes

It’ll save you time and add flavour, and you won’t even need a peeler!

Whether you go mad for mash or are wild for wedges, there’s no denying that potatoes are the vegetable gift that just keeps on giving – and they’re certainly worth those precious extra minutes fiddling with a peeler.

Sometimes, however, you need your chip fix fast and injury free.

But, while kitchen “hacks” have had their fair share of time in the spotlight (the real way to use a lemon squeezer, anyone?), this genius trick for peeling potatoes will be the one you actually use.

As shown in the video above, skin-free spuds can be as easy as scoring a line through the middle of the potato, popping it in some boiling water and, once cooked, gently pulling back the two halves of skin.

The result is perfectly-peeled, smooth ‘taters that are don't waste a slice and are full of flavour.

Best-ever mash, here we come!

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