How to prepare squid

how to prepare squid

Master this culinary skill with our step-by-step instructions.

Summer is as synonymous with seafood as salt and pepper squid is with Australian pub food. And, enjoying both this warm season can be done from the comfort of your own home with our delicious squid and calamari recipes.

The difference between the two is subtle. Calamari is Italian for squid and also used for the squid species whose side fins run the length of their bodies. Calamari is often smaller and more tender than squid.

Both are worth the effort to clean it yourself. To prepare squid or calamari, follow these steps.


Remove the tentacles from the body by pulling gently. Remove the clear plastic-like quill in the body (hood) and any entrails inside.


Pull the two fins from both sides of the hood. Carefully pull away the dark skin on the outside of hood and fins.


Hoods can be used whole or cut crossways into rings.

To cut into pieces, use a sharp knife to cut down one side of the hood, then open out. Scrape the inside of the hood to clean.


To score squid, run your knife inside of hood and fins with fine diagonal lines in a criss-cross pattern, being careful to only cut halfway through the flesh.

Then, to prepare for cooking, cut squid into pieces, rinse and pat dry.

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