Pink pineapples are now a thing

Your Insta-feed is about to look a whole lot prettier.

We were floored when we found out bubble gum-flavoured strawberries exist and those red wine chocolate brownies? They're now part of our weekly baking menu.

But these pink pineapples have us even more excited.

Not only are they sweeter than yellow pineapples, their pink flesh has earned them the name "Rosé" (too cute!).

But just imagine these [passionfruit and pineapple spritzers](|target="_blank") in pink.
But just imagine these passionfruit and pineapple spritzers in pink.

Its fabulous new hue is the result of simple genetic modification. Fruit-producing giant Del Monte has been developing the fruit since 2005, adding lycopene, the gene responsible for the colour of tomatoes, to the equation while also suppressing other genes to prevent the flesh from turning yellow.

Del Monte's patent describes the internal flesh as being "light red with yellow spots" but no official images have surfaced as yet.

Any pictures that have been circulating online are sadly just modified as the fruit. However, this seems like a pretty accurate depiction of what they'll look like:

These beauties were given the tick of approval by America's Food and Drug Administration in December last year.

Though we're yet to see them on shelves, (and there's no word on whether they will be available in Oz), our imagination is running wild with pink pineapple possibilities.

Just imagine them as a garnish to your favourite cocktails or topping your most creative pineapple cakes - your Instagram feed will love it.

Maybe they'll even convince the Icelandic President reconsider his stance on pineapple on pizza.

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