Fran Abdallaoui

Fran started her career as a young home economist. She believes good food is all about quality produce, prepared simply with love and generosity.

As a young home economist graduating from East Sydney TAFE, Fran began her career freelancing for several well-known Australian food writers. She joined Bauer-Media (acpmagazines) way back in 1994 landing a job in The Weekly’s world famous Test Kitchen, where she honed her recipe development skills under the guidance of her mentor, Test Kitchen and Editorial Director, Pamela Clark.

Fran joined The Weekly’s magazine food team in 1999 as Deputy Food Editor. After gaining practical experience in all aspects of food publishing (from the ground up!), she was appointed Senior Food Editor and then promoted to Food Director of The Weekly under editor-in-chief Helen McCabe. Fran enthuses, “this really is my dream job, I love The Weekly, its heritage and its integrity. I am so proud to be working on such an iconic Australian magazine put together by an extremely talented group of professionals”.

Fran also has extensive hands-on experience in the hospitality industry. Over the years, Fran has owned and operated several successful businesses, including a café and catering business and a restaurant. Fran loves to cook and believes that good food is all about quality Australian produce, prepared simply with a big pinch of love and generosity of spirit.

Five minutes with Fran...

Biggest kitchen disaster?
Years ago I made a sky high croquenbouche for my Dad’s 60th birthday. I transported it to the restaurant without a hitch, but with the heat of the kitchen it totally collapsed before it was time to serve dessert.

The book that I always recommend…
Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion and The Australian Women’s Weekly BAKE.

The most memorable meal of your life…
I still remember my mother in law’s cooking in Morocco. It’s a toss up between her seven vegetable tagine with buttery couscous (made from scratch) and a Bisteeya (pigeon pie).

Where did your passion for food stem from?
My dad was a butcher so food was always central to our family life. Every occasion was based around what food we would serve. I simply love to cook and I still get excited by beautiful produce.

I know it’s Spring when...
The days get a little longer, it’s the festival of Fran aka my birthday! And the gorgeous baby green vegetables are sweet and delicious.

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