This Aussie mum is the queen of meal prep

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Making fifty meals in only six hours and for less than $150 sounds like a challenge but for Katie Purssell, it's just a regular Sunday afternoon.

Not all of us have the time to whip up insane meals that sometimes take an hour or two to make.

That’s where meal preparation comes in; taking the time on a Sunday night to prepare your meals can not only save you time but also calories and money during the week.

And while we’ve all pulled together a quick salad or two for work lunches throughout the week, this Super Mum, Katie Purssell, has taken it to another level.

The Aussie mum of two has been dubbed the Queen of meal prep after she prepared 50 winter meals for only $125!

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It took just six hours to cook all the meals, which worked out to cost around $2.50 each.

While she admits to already having some herbs and spices on hand, her method is still a brilliant money saver.

There were no boring ham-n-cheese sangers to be had, either.

Her meals included everything from satay chicken and slow-cooked Asian chicken to Mexican lasagne – with all recipes coming from The Healthy Mummy.

“I save so much more time each day by not cooking dinner,” she told Kidspot.

“Not having to cook dinner each night takes a huge strain off!”

Katie also found the time to make snacks, which included a delicious chocolate and banana loaf, perfect for filling the kids’ lunchboxes throughout the week.

By Claudia Poposki.

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