Food news: Hummus can now be eaten as dessert

It's not particularly 'new' on the food scene, but the last few years have seen this chickpea-based dip amass a cult following. This latest trend, however, has taken the hummus obsession to sweet new heights.

Whether you like to keep it simple by making it yourself with a classic chickpea, tahini and lemon juice combo, or amp it up with the addition of beetroot or capsicum, hummus is one of those dips that is universally loved.

There's something about the hearty nuttiness that pairs perfectly with crisp pita breads, fresh vegie sticks and tender Middle Eastern-spiced lamb.

This is how we knew hummus. That is, until now. An American company called 'Delighted By Dessert Hummus' has changed the game forever, by turning this traditionally savoury dip into an indulgent sweet treat.

The flavours include choc-chip cookie dough, orange ginger, brownie batter and snickerdoodle (a cinnamon-based biscuit). Like the traditional recipe, the dessert dips use tahini and salt, but the chickpeas are swapped for creamy coconut milk and a generous dash of organic Turbinado sugar is added.

The company was founded by holistic nutritionist Makenzie Marzluff, who first came up with the concept as a healthy dessert idea to bring to dinner parties, in place of the usual cheesecakes and pavlovas.

To find out where you can get your hands on this incredible invention, visit Delighted By Dessert Hummus's website.

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